Douglas: If It’s Not Broken, Why Fix It?

PMDouglasAskThePMK(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas is continuing to remind the electorate of the need to return his party to power at the next election.

Speaking during this week’s edition of “Ask the Prime Minister”, Dr. Douglas shared the view that there is no need to change a government that continues to function effectively.

“If it’s not broken, why fix it? Again we emphasize, fellow citizens, residents, what we have achieved we must protect. Do not allow persons whose ambition it is to grab political power to overtake this country and turn back the hand of time and that is what this caller just said. If it is not broken, why fix it? Allow things to continue to progress. Allow things to continue to move forward. Allow our people to be able to celebrate our achievements,” he said.

Speaking of the ongoing projects that will generate employment for residents, Dr. Douglas affirmed that his government is equipped with ideas to further move the country forward.

“This government is doing it right. It is partnering with the private sector at home and abroad. It is attracting foreign direct investment in proportions that we had never seen before in any other country and so all our people must benefit from the successes and the growth that we’re seeing in the economy. If it is not broken, why fix it? Protect what we have gained. Protect what you have. Do not allow people to take it away from you because they are power hungry,” he said.

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