Dr. Drew Pushes for Upgrades to the Conaree Playing Field

(ZIZ)– The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Candidate for Constituency #8, Dr. Terrence Drew is delivering on promises made to residents of the constituency he is seeking to represent in parliament.

During a radio interview this week, Dr. Drew revealed that he is working toward getting the Conaree Playing Field upgraded and able to host premier football games.

He said, “In Conaree, the playing field is an important issue for me, personal, having had the opportunity as a young man to carry teams to Conaree and to actually have played on Conaree field and to see that now Conaree has one of the best premier football teams in the nation and they don’t have a playing facility where premier games can come. And so, as a priority, I advocated to the government that the field has to be done and we have to move quickly to help Conaree to get premier football games over in Conaree.”

Dr. Drew added that work had started on that facility. He also praised the employees who were contracted to work there.

“We have started an aspect of that playing field where it is being fenced and I visited the contractor the other day and it’s some young men from Conaree. I was so surprised to some extent with the talent that these men have. It shows that if you believe in the young people and you give the young people opportunities they will always surprise you for our young people are very talented and opportunities must be given to them and they are moving very professionally, very quickly in terms of getting that Conaree field constructed and the people in the community are very happy for that and we’ll continue to work to complete that in a manner that premier football games can come to Conaree.”

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