Dr. Gilbert Questions Dr. Harris’ Leadership

(ZIZ)– The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party’s Candidate for Constituency Seven, Dr. Vance Gilbert maintains that he can be a better representative and leader than the People’s Labour Party’s Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris.

Dr. Gilbert spoke recently of inconsistencies in statements made by Dr. Harris.

“Here is a man who has gone down to St. Vincent to try to deceive the people of St. Vincent. If you listen to his words, he is talking about civil unrest. He first start off saying that the CARICOM leaders will not speak on the issues of political immorality and he’s silent on the political immorality that is happening over on our sister island with his friends, his colleagues, part of his Unity Team.”

Gilbert continued by claiming that his political opponent had very little use for non-nationals.

“Timothy Harris is the man who has said so many evil things about the foreign people. He has no use for them, only until he has use for them until he realise that he needs their vote. Timothy Harris cares about one thing; he cares about his vote, not about the country, not about the people, not about me and you. He cares about his vote. He cares about whether or not he can win, yes or no and so he will do anything to get a vote even if it means today he is saying ‘a’ and tomorrow he’s saying ‘b’ because it seems to be going with the tide, he will say. No morals, no principles, no grounds on which he stands.”

Meantime, Dr. Gilbert radio personality Maurice E.K. Flanders that Harris was seeking to capitalise on the large crowd that had journeyed to St. Kitts for the Caribbean Premier League. He maintained that Harris was seeking to spread a negative message of the country to the visitors.

“I realise that he is now trying to give an impression to the foreigners who are now here for the CPL that things aren’t good in St. Kitts-Nevis.” he said. He is now trying to give an impression to those persons who are listening, because CPL will attract a lot of curious persons listening online and so forth, he is now trying to give that impression that things are not well in St. Kitts and Nevis. But I am pretty sure that those persons who are here on the ground and those persons who may tune in, whether the internet or looking at St. Kitts via television, will see a totally different story. St. Kitts and Nevis is stable. It is a thriving economy. I mean, look at what we are able to produce while these guys are trying to pull down the country…CPL has come to St. Kitts-Nevis.”

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