Dr. Harris Criticizes Programmes Designed by Former Administration

(ZIZ News) — Team Unity’s leader and Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has openly criticised the development programmes of the former administration.

Speaking specifically of the recently launched “Fresh Start Programme”, Dr. Harris said it is more economical than the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund or SEAF Programme initiated under the Denzil Douglas led Administration.

“It provides an efficient mechanism for dealing with such a matter and this is in stark contrast to the arrangements passby, the bygone past, never to come again, where the Government for example established a SEAF programme, so called, an $11 million squandered as part of a political effort to seek re-election,” he said.

Dr. Harris claims that some persons who were granted loans under programmes by the previous administration have since failed to make payments.

“We are now attempting to secure those monies from those who the record would have shown have benefited and the majority of them are saying ‘but they tell us this was a gift and that we shouldn’t say anything and that we should support the people who are now in opposition’ but we are saying that public funds must always be used in a responsible way and we are holding people to account,” he said.

Prime Minister Harris continues to speak with pride of the country’s advancement in foreign affairs.

Most recently, he said his government has been able to leverage the country’s foreign policy action to bring benefits to people.

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