Dr. Harris participates in Constituency 7 Health Walk

(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Constituency 7, the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris replaced his usual business suits with a track pant and polo shirt to take part in his monthly health walk with constituents.

The walk drew participation from dozens of residents from each community and even from the Minister of State, Senator the Hon. Wendy Phipps and Cabinet Secretary Josephine Huggins.

It started at Belle Vue and ended at Ottley’s Village.

Speaking to the media afterwards, Prime Minister Harris said he wants residents to be mindful of the benefits of living healthy lives, noting that it is important for him to lead by example.

“We continue because the physical fitness is important to the health and wellbeing and I am attempting, through example, to encourage more persons to become involved in physical activities,” he said, adding that “More persons should become conscious of the health benefits and so, every month, we try as a constituency to walk together, as a family, and to indicate the ongoing health benefits of a family doing healthy exercises together.”

Dr. Harris pledged to continue supporting his constituents through activities such as the health walk.

“Notwithstanding the inclement weather, I am happy that several of the constituents again engaged in this routine and we shall continue, each month God’s will, to continue this effort,” he said.

“We persist because again it is not a matter of starting and stopping, it is the consistency of the programme of physical activity of engaging in exercises that brings long lasting benefits to one’s body,” he continued.

Several residents used the opportunity to thank the Prime Minister for his interest in their well being.

At the end of the walk, the participants were treated to light refreshments of water, punch and fruits as they socialised with the Prime Minister.

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