Dr. Lincoln Carty Weighs in on BHS Issue

(ZIZ)– A well known educator and Naturopathic Doctor, Lincoln Carty is calling on all persons connected to the Basseterre High School [BHS] to work in the best interest of the students and teachers.

During an interview with ZIZ News, Dr. Carty said it was disappointing to see how the situation had escalated.

“I really hope in the interest of our education system that all parties could find common ground that the rancour and the disagreements and so on could be just put aside and we come together and just find ways and means of fixing the problem in a timely manner,” he said. “I’m not suggesting you rush it to try and get people into the school because it would not help if you have an outbreak again. Let’s fix things and move forward in the best interest of our country and our people.”

When asked if he, like members of the St. Kitts Teachers’ Union, believed that the school should be re-tested by experts other than CARPHA and CARIRI, Dr. Carty provided this response.

“That makes a lot of sense to me and yes, I’m not into siding with any party. In fact, my concern is for the health and wellbeing for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis and it is based on that that I have responded to the call of the teachers’ union to assist. If any other entity had called me to assist I would have because that’s what I would have wanted to do in the first instance,” he explained.

He then outlined some of the experts who he though should be involved in re-evaluating the school.

“Well individuals definitely who are involved in epidemiology because they would have a handle on how the various pathogens affect individuals and that is very important. Environmental engineers, that is also key because we know that questions were raised about not only the indoor quality of the school but even the external, the sewage systems and so on so that these are the kinds of individuals I would want to see having a handle on it and being able to make recommendations.”

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