Dr. Terrence Drew tells Diabetic patients how to live long lives

(ZIZ News) — Dr. Terrence Drew was among the panelists on the most recent edition of ZIZ’s The Round Table which discussed Diabetes in the Federation.

During his discourse, Dr. Drew said while diabetes is a very serious disease, it is not a death sentence as diabetic patients “can lead normal lives.”

“I think you have to understand and learn very quickly about your disease. Do not allow your disease to define you. You’re a person who has a condition that needs control and it does not have to define you or limit you so what you want to do is educate yourself as much as possible and after that, you can go out and lead a life,” Dr. Drew explained.

He also advised diabetic patients of the need to “exercise, eat properly,” and ensure that their sugar intake “is under control.”

Dr. Drew, an Internal Medicine Consultant, also outlined some simple steps that can be taken to ensure that diabetic patients live long lives.

He said, “If you do all of this: watch your diet, exercise, educate yourself, visit your clinic, have a close relationship with your doctor, join the Diabetes Association, talk to other people who have the same conditions…Diabetes support group also helps..all of this put together can help you to lead a normal life and you don’t have to suffer the complications because Diabetes touches every single part of your body.

“[It] touches from your head right down to your toe and everything in between. It causes stroke. It causes blindness. It causes loss of teeth, [it] causes heart attack…what we have recognised is that if you control your blood sugar and you exercise and you eat well, we know that you do not have to suffer these complications,” Dr. Drew stated.

Other contributors to Monday’s The Round Table were Nurse Christine Wattley, President of the St. Kitts Diabetes Association, diabetic patient Earle Clarke and Pediatrician Dr. Ian Jacobs.

The show was hosted by General Manager of ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation, Clement O’garro.

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