Dr. Vance Gilbert says Harris is known for Victimizing his Non-Supporters

VanceGilbert -1f(ZIZ News) — Dr. Vance Gilbert has accused Dr. Timothy Harris of using his position to victimize individuals within constituency seven; particularly People’s Action Movement (PAM) supporters.

He also declared that the Opposition Coalition Leader actively engages in divisive politics.

Gilbert said this has been Harris’ trademark for years.

“The people have not forgotten. The people have not forgotten how victimizing he has been to the people of Tabernacle. The PAM people have not forgotten and that is why the majority of them are saying they cannot support him and they will not support him and so, while he’s making a bunch of noise and trying to make it look like he has some support, well it’s a whole different ball game on the ground because I think that the people understand exactly what is going on. The people are fed up of the divisive politics and I have been on the ground and even before coming as a candidate, the people of number seven have been fed up of the politics,” he claimed.

Dr. Gilbert is confident that he will be victorious in the upcoming election and said his election would result in a much needed change for the people of constituency seven.

“The people have long been waiting for a change. They say that things happen for a good, things happen for a reason and Dr. Vance Gilbert is here for that reason, to make the change that number seven is looking forward to, to make the change that is going to heal the divided constituency,” he said.

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