Dr. Wilson Donates to Sandy Point Primary School

NorgenWilson-1(ZIZ)– The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party candidate for constituency number five continued his investment in the education of young people on Monday through the donation of school supplies.

During the summer vacation, Dr. Norgen Wilson distributed 600 school bags to students in the area, then on Monday, during a visit to the Sandy Point Primary School, he made another presentation.

“I brought with me a few hundred pens, in particular flexible rulers because I know you all like to break them and so the new rulers, they are flexible though they are straight. The compasses and the geometry sets are also included. I do believe grade six might be – grade five and six might be the ones who use protractors and compasses probably but they are there. And for the one or two persons who may have the bad luck of destroying or as you would say ‘mash up’ your school bags, we have a few school bags to replace for those persons,” he said.

Dr. Wilson said he also has plans on making a similar donation to the Charles E. Mills Secondary School.

“I still have some at my office in the event that you become overwhelmed and you need some more. I still have some,” he said, adding, “My intention really is to donate to the high school as well, in particular to their Technical Drawing Department because, like I said, only grade sixers may have a need a for geometry sets or the compasses and so we do have a lot of those still at my office which would be donated to the Sandy Point High School.”

Assistant Teacher at the school, Mrs. Nicole Francis spoke of the significance of the donation.

She said, “My son is a recipient of I’m sure one of the bags, so I’m very happy I didn’t have to purchase any bags and that saved me a lot. I think it is good that Dr. Norgen can give back to the community, to the school at which he was a part of and I think if more parents come onboard and do that, we’re going to have a wonderful society, we’re going to have a wonderful school.”

Dr. Norgen Wilson will be contesting the upcoming general election as a candidate for the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party in constituency number five.

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