Drag Racing Unit releases full list of placements from last meet

The Nevis Drag Racing Unit on Wednesday 15th January, released the full list of placements at the last Drag race meet held on Sunday 12th January.

The meet which was referred to as the GRUDGES meet featured mainly vehicles and drivers from St. Kitts and Nevis and a lone female participant from Antigua.

The full results are as follows:

14 seconds class

1st—Samuel Matthews –Nevis

2nd—Federick Parris—Nevis

13 seconds class

1st —Bernel Nisbett-Nevis

2nd—Julian Bryan –St. Kitts


12 seconds class

1st-Felix Smithen—Nevis

2nd—Nubian Greaux- St. Kitts

11 seconds class

1st-Raynaldo Chiverton—Nevis

2nd-Alexander James-St. Kitts

10 seconds class

Renee Edwards-Ambrose-Antigua

2nd-LwonARD Allen – St. Kitts

Outlaw class

1st-Gavin Clarke-Nevis

2nd-Raynaldo Chiverton-Nevis

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