Drag Racing Unit releases official statement

The last race meet hosted by the Nevis Drag Racing Unit on November 30th and December 1st was rained out before the deciding races could be completed.

On Thursday 5th December, the Nevis Drag Racing Unit released an official statement.

The full statement reads:

“Re:  Official statement from Nevis Drag Racing Unit

On Behalf of the NIA and Nevis Drag Racing Unit, I/We would like to first thank everyone for coming out and showing support to our December 1st event dubbed “Grudges – FACE OFF” and also all the racers that participated representing their country.

We must then apologize to everyone for not being able to complete this event and competition due to rainy weather conditions and other technical difficulties.

We therefore promise to make it up to Participants, fans, Media and co-operate sponsors and get back to providing a well managed and successful race event in the near future.

We must also urge the fans and drag racing clubs not to be discouraged by such elements, and to keep the faith and drive towards the sport of drag racing and St. James Raceway.

Currently discussions are ongoing on the way forward and a “Make up event”

Once again I/We would like to apologize and thank everyone for your continued support

Yours Sincerely


CJ Bartlette

Office Manager (ag)

Nevis Drag Racing Unit”

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