Drew vs. Hamilton on Insulting Comment

Dr Terrence Drew
Dr Terrence Drew

ZIZ News — As Nevisians continue to call on the People’s Action Movement’s Honourable Eugene Hamilton to apologise for the insulting remarks he made at his party’s convention, Hamilton has instead launched a verbal attack on his political opponent, Dr. Terrance Drew.

After realising that Hamilton had not apologised to Nevisians, Dr. Drew used last Thursday’s edition of choice radio’s “Tell Me” to apologise on his constituency’s behalf. This did not go well with mp Hamilton.

“Latest in relation to my comments at the convention seemed to have drawn a Johnny-come-lately to make a statement which has to do with the fact that I should resign and which has to do with the fact that he is apologising on behalf of the constituents. I want to make it clear that this Johnny-come-lately seem not to understand what his role is. You are not the elected representative of the people and cannot apologise on behalf of the people of constituency #8. You have no capacity in which to do so,” he said.

Hamilton, who was the time speaking on WINN FM’s “Inside The News”, continued his personal attack on Dr. Drew.

Hon Eugene Hamilton
Hon Eugene Hamilton

“Despite the fact that you are running around with a $7,000 a month salary from the government and despite the fact that you have been afforded a duty free vehicle where you have helped yourself to $45,000…that does not give you the authority to apologise on behalf of the constituents. I am the constituency representative and I make whatever statements and if there is an apology to make, I make it. I don’t need you to make apology on my behalf,” he said.

Drew, admitting that he was not surprised by Hamilton’s attack on him, then called on Hamilton to apologise to Nevisians for the insulting comment.

“I think that the people Of Nevis, whether they are CCM or NRP, they are taking it the way it should be taken. That is a very insensitive comment and he needs to apologise,” Drew said. “In no way in his statement did he apologise. He apologise? No! He attacked Dr. Drew so that is very disrespectful. Instead of attacking Dr. Drew with silly comments which I can take on, he needs to apologise to the people of Nevis and I will not stop. He’s my representative and he needs to act like a representative,” he said.

The Honourable Eugene Hamilton and Dr. Terrance Drew would be contesting the next election and seeking to be the parliamentary representative for Constituency 8.

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