Drug prevention policies in schools

Karimu Byron

ZIZ News…April 22, 2013 — The National Council on Drug Abuse Prevention is presently carrying out a Secondary School Drug Prevalence study in St Kitts and Nevis.

From this study, where students are asked to fill out surveys anonymously, the council will be able to better determine if there is a drug problem in schools.

Once the surveys are completed, a seminar will be held to look at ways of addressing the problem of drugs in schools.

Director of the Council, Karimu Byron says this seminar will involve a wide range of stakeholders — including parents.

“We include stakeholders. Part of the stakeholders will be policymakers, probably representation from the Parent’s Teachers Association and other key stakeholders who will then use those findings to help direct what policies and programs we will like to implement.”

This Secondary School Drug Prevalence study is being conducted in eight schools on both islands, involving over seven hundred students.

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