Dynamics Sports Club To Host Inaugural in Parish League

Sports Page—Thursday 22nd August 2013–It’s a novel idea and one which will serve two basic objectives:

1. It will serve as a fundraising endeavour

2. It will serve to develop the games of Netball and Basketball in the Gingerland area.

According to Mrs. Govanie Manners-Hendrickson of the Dynamics Sports Club based in Gingerland, her club will be coordinating and hosting the first ever Inter Parish league which will feature Netball and Basketball teams in the Gingerland area.

She noted that participation in the league will be restricted to individuals actually resident in Gingerland at the time, even though a few of her Club members are not based in Gingerland and will be given ‘honorary privileges’ to participate.

Some four Netball teams have been established and they are:

• Rawlins
• Hanley’s Road
• Taylor’s Pasture and areas in close proximity
• Hickman’s and Zion combined

For the Basketball competition, villages throughout Gingerland will register teams to play in a three on three competition.

The action will commence on Saturday 28th September and the venue for all of the games will be the hard court at Old Manor.

On the 28th of September, there will be a brief opening ceremony, immediately followed by two exhibition games:

The Dynamics Netball team will engage the Coca Cola Shamrocks out of St.Kitts in a Netball encounter and then the dynamics basketball team DYNASTY will engage the NEVLEC SHOCKERS.

League matches will be played over a period of four weekends and will be played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings starting at 7pm nightly with a Netball game followed by a Basketball game.

Mrs. Hendrickson is inviting the entire Nevisian community to come out and be a part of what would effectively be a family affair when people will be able to socialize and have fun in a friendly environment.

Her club will operate a well stocked bar and the registration fee is only $20.00 per team. The club is also seeking to attract sponsors which will assist in a monetary purse for the winning teams.

Interested teams are kindly asked to register with members of the DYNAMICS Sports club.

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