Early Childhood Unit to conduct a series of workshops

Mrs Vanta Walters

ZIZ News…April 02, 2010 – The Early Childhood Development Unit is conducting a series of Training Workshops for all of its teachers. The Early Childhood Co-ordinator Mrs Vanta Walters explained that the major objective of these workshops is to address the weaknesses identified in the implementation of the Early Childhood High/Scope Curriculum.

The supervisors and teachers of the government centres have already been trained in a series of three half day workshops. The next round of training which is to be held in May will target teachers from both public and private preschools in Nevis. This will then be followed by training of supervisors and teachers in the private centres in St Kitts.

The two Resource Teachers who are conducting the workshop – Mrs Valerie Dolphin and Mrs Rosalind Warner-Otto informed that those receiving the training are exhibiting a better appreciation and understanding of the High/Scope Curriculum.

The participants involved expressed gratitude for this training and told ZIZ News that the concepts and techniques of the Curriculum have been made much clearer to them. They further stated that the workshops are timely and have enabled them to execute their duties more effectively as they endeavour to meet the holistic developmental needs of the children in their care.

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