Early Childhood Unit Trains Child Care Workers

(ZIZ News) – Nursery caregivers and persons never exposed to nursery education are participating in a series of training sessions at the Industrial Site Preschool.

Jacqueline Morris, Director of Early Childhood Development in St. Kitts-Nevis said this is the first time they are engaging persons in extensive training during the summer.

“The objective of the workshop for nursery workers is to equip them to provide age-appropriate stimulation for children, birth to three, and this stimulation is vital in ensuring children develop to their maximum, holistically and in regard to brain development in particular,” Morris stated.

Commenting on the training, Nursery Supervisor for the Dieppe Bay Day Care Centre, Patricia Browne said the sessions are sharpening her skills to work more effectively with young children.

She said, “We learn more that the young children, we have to interact and talk with them a lot more so that their language can develop, their cognitive skills can develop and the more you interact with them the better it is for their brains can develop, the synapses in their brain can connect.”

Two groups of 30 persons will benefit from this training.

The first session began on August 11th and will run until the 27th, while the second group will be engaged from October to November this year.

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