Easterns defeat GSS

Easterns easily disposed of the GSS school boys on Saturday 22nd March.

This was the second division fixtures continued over the weekend.

Summarized scores: Easterns 147 for 9 in 19.4 overs: Eustace Williams 31; J. Huggins 27; M. Hanley 17

Extras 32

Irvawn Challenger 3 for 35; Jaleel Huggins 2 for 21

Browne; Collins; Sarjoo and Hobson 1 wicket each

GSS  107 all out in 16.5 overs: Irvawn Challenger 34; S. Hobson 20;

Vicario Hendrickson; Sterling Heyliger and Alsted Pemberton all got 3 wickets each

Eustace Williams got 1 wicket

Easterns won by 40 runs

Meanwhile, the match scheduled between South Warriors and empire for the Gingerland recreation Grounds for Sunday 23rd March was not played as the pitch was not prepared

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