Eat Local Day coming this Friday

ZIZ News — Residents of St. Kitts will again be asked to put aside imported foods in favour of consuming only locally produced goods.

On Friday 26th June, the Department of Agriculture will again host the ‘Eat Local Day’ initiative at Independence Square.

Marketing Officer at the Department, Al Edwards, said the big feature at this year’s event will again be the ever popular monkey meat which is locally referred to as ‘tree mutton.’

“We are going along with the famous, or infamous as some may have it, tree mutton and you know if you come late you are not going to get any and so that will be one of the main features on the day, the tree mutton. Added to that, the Department of Agriculture was fortunate enough to get an FAO project which focuses on the use of breadfruit; actually the commercialization of breadfruit and so breadfruit again will continue to be one of our main staples.”

Edwards challenged residents to avoid the temptation and eat only locally produced foods.

“We certainly don’t want any rice and macaroni pie those complex kinds of things on that day. We want the simple that grow up here you know, the sweet potato that came from Phillips, the pumpkin that was grown down Fahies. The string beans that came from Saddlers and so we want to really eat off St Kitts not to eat products from any other country but St Kitts, the main ingredients was St Kitts,” Edwards said.

Also expected to be available at the Eat Local Day event are rabbit meat, mutton and wide assortment of fish caught locally.

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