Ecclesiastical Affairs Minister Amory to Meet With Major Church Organisations

VanceAmory-19(ZIZ News) – Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Hon. Vance Amory has announced plans to meet with representatives of the country’s Christian Councils and Evangelical Associations.

He said it is important to see the church as part of the Nation’s society.

Amory stated his intention while presenting an update on his work since assuming ministerial portfolios at the federal level.

He said, “We cannot divide our people in their spiritual context from their secular context because they are all one body and it is important therefore to enlist support and to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the church and the different church organisations in ensuring that our communities are well managed.”

Amory, a Senior Minister in the new administration, said he believes that the government and church can come up with policies and programmes to alleviate anti-social behaviour.

“One of the areas of concern is what do we do with our young people? What do we do with the people who are engaging in anti-social behaviour? How can we enlist the church and the church organisations in helping to resolve those dilemmas which confront us so often and about which we lament so often and I believe as minister, it is incumbent upon myself to engage the church and the church leaders in this dialogue so that we can find, we can formulate policies and action programmes to alleviate this problem,” he explained.

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