Education Minister Commends Inmates

(ZIZ News) – The inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison and the residents at the New Horizon Rehabilitation Centre performed above average for the 2014-2015 CXC Examinations.

During the National CXC Report, Minister of Education, Honourable Shawn Richards expressed pleasure at the transformation taking place, particularly, with the inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison.

“15 of them wrote 19 subjects and returned 18 passes or 94.73% pass rate; which comprised of nine grade 1’s, six grade 2’s and three grade 3’s,” he said.

The residents at the New Horizons Rehabilitation Centre, a part of the country’s Juvenile Justice Reform, were not left out of the loop.

Minister Richards said they too performed well.

“Six students wrote 18 subjects and returned 10 passes or 55.55% pass rate which comprise of three grade 1’s, three 2’s and four 3’s,” he said.

Newrish Natal initiated the CXC preparation and education programs that benefit the inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison.

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