Education Minister encourages students given a second chance at success

Education Minister, The Hon Nigel Carty

ZIZ Newsroom…Basseterre, St Kitts (July 14, 2010) – The Minister of Education says he is disheartened when students leave school unqualified and are groping for jobs.

The Honourable Nigel Carty was addressing the graduates of the Secondary School Work Days Program, organized by the National Youth Skills.

He said the instructors are fair and are not influenced by the students’ academic capabilities.

“We not only have peope who administer not only with their technical knowledge and skills and training but they administer with their hearts. They think about people. They make decisions based upon their understanding that people come from different circumstances; come from various backgrounds. And we have to find ways and means to embrace as many of our boys and girls as possible.”

Minister Carty told the graduates to hold their heads high and know that the certificate they are receiving carries significant weight in the working world.

“This moment is so extremely important and I am glad that you have taken the time to be here. And it demonstrates that between then and now, somehow you have made a turnaround and begun to see exactly the importance of the year of training you’ve undertaken; and the importance of this occasion and your lives ahead of you.”

The program targets fourth form drop-outs. Minister Carty says the program was fashioned out of a “real, genuine, heartfelt concern” for young, unqualified, unemployed people.

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