Education Minister Richards Launches Teachers’ Week

(ZIZ News) — The important role of teachers is being put in the spotlight for the next seven days, as the Federation observes Teachers’ Week 2015.

The week is being observed under the theme, “Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies” and Education Minister, the Hon. Shawn Richards officially launched it, on Saturday afternoon, with an address on ZIZ Radio.

He publicly thanked the Federation’s teachers for their hard work.

“I want now to again congratulate and thank you teachers; you facilitators of learning, for your persistent and characteristic hard work over the years, including of course the one just passed. The Ministry is satisfied that by and large, the teaching fraternity in St. Kitts and in Nevis is one of quality because it is abundantly clear to me that it takes teachers of exceptionally high calibre, operating at an elevated standard to produce the kinds of results in our students as you have,” he said.

Minister Richards said the government will continue to do everything in its power to assist teachers in delivering quality education to students.

“I dare propose that government, your government, has already contributed in a tangible way toward facilitating the realisation of this objective of achieving excellence in all areas of your operation as teachers by ensuring that all schools are as fully staffed as possible, that there is an adequacy of needed supplies and that the students of the Basseterre High School are just about to enter their new temporary buildings at Taylors, which of course would significantly improve their level of comfort and their teaching and learning experience,” he said.

Activities planned for Teachers’ Week 2015 include a worship service at the Sandy Point Methodist Church, retired teachers’ awards, a panel discussion on meeting the challenges in the classroom and the Fourth Annual Excellence in Teaching Awards.

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