Effects of Copyright Infringement during Carnival discussed at Law Week Public Lecture

ZIZ News (Chaïra Flanders) — Law Week 2019 activities continued on Tuesday evening with a Public Lecture dubbed, “Creators, Carnival and Copyright Infringement: Time To Face The Music” at the UWI Open Campus at Fortlands.

Featured Speaker High Court Judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, His Lordship Justice Eddy Ventose said there are many legal issues that arise during the Carnival season including artist contracts, Image Protection, I.P and Business financing, Collective Management, Recording and Publishing agreements and Branding.


He also spoke of the types of Intellectual Property that can come in the form of patents, copyright, trade marks, industrial designs and confidential information.

His Lordship explained why it is important to protect one’s intellectual property.

He said, “It is essentially to prevent others from taking an unfair advantage of the original works of authors. If you haven’t spent the effort, time and money you ought not to get the benefits. It therefore prevents free-riding. If persons are able to use your copyright material without paying then of course it will result in a reduce of incentives for that person to create because

He reminded the public that Copyright Infringement is an offence that can cost up to 250 thousand dollars in penalties.

Resident High Court Judge for the St. Christopher Circuit, Honorable Justice Trevor Ward QC was also present at the lecture.

Law Week 2019 activities continue with a Mock Trial for Sixth Form Students at the High Court of Justice in Charlestown Nevis on Thursday and a Free Legal Advice Clinic at the Newtown Community Centre from 10 am-2pm on Friday.

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