Eleven New Scholars Inducted Into The Susanna Lee High School Scholarship

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, 18th November 2021 — In a brief ceremony, eleven new students were inducted into the Susanna Lee High School Scholarship Award funded by the Social Security Board. This year marked the 38th installment since its inception in 1983. 

The following students from the various public high schools across the Federation were awarded on Thursday 11th November 2021 at the Social Security Headquarters in  Basseterre, in the presence of Minister of Social Security, Hon. Eugene Hamilton;  Members of the Social Security Board, Education representatives, parents, and well-wishers amongst others. 

Takia Carty Charles E. Mills Secondary School  

Shakirah Wilkin Gingerland Secondary School 

Alexander Lewis Cayon High School  

Shahirah Baptiste Cayon High School (one-time assistance) Conjay Griffin Charles Town Secondary School 

Tycoyah Harris Basseterre High School  

Azaniah Johnson Basseterre High School (one-time assistance) Jazaria Jeffers Verchilds High School  

Jaynia Prentice Verchilds High School (one-time assistance) Khalayah Maccabbee Saddlers Secondary School 

K’Lonje Matthias Washington Archibald High (one-time assistance) 

The ceremony commenced with the National Anthem and invocation followed by Welcome Remarks delivered by the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, Board  Member, Ms. Jenifer Williams who welcomed the students into the scholarship program and spent some time encouraging the students to always be aware of the ever-changing times we are living in. Ms. Williams in her presentation said: “We as a nation, you as students, you as parents and guardians of those students will have to “Rise above and  soar” so that we are better able, better equipped to handle the many changes that we experience in health and learning since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.” She further  went on to say that: “this year we wish to focus on Positive Role Models, setting high  standards and resilience.”

Following Ms. Williams remarks, Hon. Eugene Hamilton, Minister of Social Security et al, spoke with great pride of the institution’s commitment to education, the holistic development of each child, and the profound impact the Social Security Board has made on the lives of students and parents of the nation. The honorable Minister stated that this level of support is what is needed if our young people and we as a nation are to be empowered to step boldly into the new and emerging spaces of opportunity and success that present themselves in the world if we are to Rise and Soar above all else in this new era. 

Alum, Dr. Jahviem Blanchette, in the featured address dubbed “The Four D Speech” spoke candidly about his journey and the challenges along the way. Dr. Blanchette shared four very important words that you meet on the road to success. 1. DREAM- this he stated is the vehicle that takes you to anywhere you need to go in life. 2.  DISCIPLINE- is like the steering wheel he stated, you must practice self-control and always remember what needs to be done to accomplish your dream. 3.  DISAPPOINTMENTS- they are like speed bumps on your path to success they are sometimes necessary, so use them as motivation to work twice as hard to achieve your dreams and 4. DETERMINATION- this is the engine and the fuel that moves the car forward, this is the fuel that pushes your car over those speed bumps so never give up, “Determination is very vital if you are to achieve,” he said. The former scholarship  recipient, Dr. Javiem Blanchette left the students with this quote: “Dreams do not work  unless you do”  

The afternoon progressed with renditions in song and poetry focused on the theme  ‘Rising above and Soaring in the new era”’. Musician Jermaine James belted out a fitting melody that spoke about finding your place in the Circle of Life, while Khalaylah  Maccabbee, a new inductee delivered a very powerful and exceptional Expression of  Appreciation. Fifth form Graduate Ms. Tiphora Browne delivered a brilliant poem and while Fifth Form Graduate Ms. Saniqua France ended with a second Expression of  Appreciation. 

The Certificates of Induction to the new awardees were presented by Ms. Susanna Lee  MBE, whose honor the award is named after while Mr. Antonio Maynard, Director of  Social Security presented certificates to the graduates who recently completed High 


The symbolic signing of the Commitment Agreement was completed by the parents/guardians of the awardees who agreed to support their child/ward’s learning and serenaded on pan in a fitting melody of Stand Firm performed by Alum Shamaar  Joseph and Mr. Dillon Browne. 

Ms. Shiwani Gumbs, Executive Officer, Human Resource Department delivered the Vote of Thanks being sure to underscore the work of all involved in getting the new inductees and graduates to their place of reward at the ceremony. 

The program was chaired by Mr. Leon Charles, Legal Officer Social Security Board.  

Congratulations are in order to the Board’s High School Scholars for recording the  following CSEC passes:  

Saniqua France Verchilds High School 

13 subjects, 9 Grade One passes 

Kwameka Richardson Washington Archibald High School  

11 subjects, 7 Grade One passes 

Chassidy Murraine Charlestown Secondary School 

11 subjects, 6 Grade One passes 

Cianjay Thomas Charles E. Mills Secondary School 

10 subjects, 6 Grade One passes 

Tarike Davis Saddlers Secondary School  

10 subjects 

Patrina Perreira Saddlers Secondary School 

 9 subjects, 8 Grade One passes 

Tyrese Watts Gingerland Secondary School  

 8 subjects, 1 Grade One pass

Dejon Samuel Basseterre High School 

 7 subjects 

Since 1983, the Social Security Board has offered High School Scholarships to students with great potential who with the necessary support are assisted to attain their educational goals. The Alumni now stands at 225.  

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