Elizabeth Pemberton-quietly confident

EP Athletes

ZIZ Sports News…March 29 2011 – The athletes at the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School had a training session at the ETW Park yesterday. The children for the most part expressed confidence in winning the overall Inter Primary championships, come April 6th.

Coach Adelvin Phillip is more cautious however and stated that his team will first have to take care of the B division and he is quietly confident that they can do it and then they will see to the overall championship.

He also named a few of the athletes from whom he expects something special on the big day and indicated that some of them peaked late and are just about at their very best as the big day approaches.

As regards the fitness level of the athletes he is also pretty confident that they would be at their optimum on the big day. As regards any specific plans or strategies, he stated: “You will have to wait until the big day—come and see what the athletes have to offer”.

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