EMU Launches “Feature The Teacher” For International Teachers’ Day

(EMU) – St. Kitts: The Education Media Unit (EMU) will launch “Feature the Teacher” on Friday October 4th in recognition of International Teacher’s Day which will be observed on Saturday October 5th.

The programme will highlight outstanding teachers in the Federation featuring the strategies they implement in their classrooms to ensure that their students and schools excel.

According to Media Coordinator, Maria Crawford, the programme is an avenue which the Ministry of Education will use to showcase the sacrifices of teachers and how many of them go beyond the call of duty.

“A teacher’s role is so multi-faceted, that while one may assume that this programme will focus on teaching techniques, it goes deeper to reveal that the success of many teachers is based on the passion they exhibit showing that teaching is more about reaching students on a personal level than implementing strict methods,” Ms Crawford said, “I believe that this series will expose the public to this reality”.

Chief Education Officer Ms. Clarice Cotton, said that International Teacher’s Day is a great opportunity to launch the programme which will be aired on a weekly basis. She added that while the day of observing the work of teachers is necessary, it is certainly not enough to fully bring their contributions to light. As such, she emphasized that the Ministry will continue to place the spotlight on outstanding local teachers.

The first episode focuses on a French teacher at the Charles E. Mills Secondary School, Madame Deslyn Richards, who is passionate about the teaching of foreign languages as well as making it a requirement in schools.

The programme will air on ZIZ Television after the news cast on Friday and Saturday.

The Media Unit thanks ZIZ Television for its continued cooperation by airing its television programmes.

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