Entrepreneurship Program For Innovation In The Caribbean

(ZIZ News) Discussions at the Fourth Steering Committee Meeting for the World Bank’s Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (E.P.I.C) got underway at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort on Wednesday.

Program Manager of the World Bank Group “infoDev” Valerie DeCosta explained what E.P.I.C entails.

“EPIC is a partnership between the World Bank through the infoDev program and the government of Canada which has been a generous contributor of 20 million dollars over 7 years and infoDev is the implementer of this program. Who does it serve? The aspirations of EPIC is to serve the growth oriented entrepreneur,” she said.

The day’s programme featured panel discussions by leading regional experts and government officials examining the important role of entrepreneurship in reviving the Caribbean economy.

Alessandro the World Bank’s Senior Country Officer to the OECS and Barbados said the discussions are very important to meeting the needs of participating entrepreneurs.

“These engagements for us are particularly important because it gives us an opportunity to listen to what is your experience. What are your needs? What are your challenges? Its gives an opportunity to try to refocus the program to understand where we can direct better our resources to make sure your needs are properly addressed,” he said.

Discussions at Wednesday’s meeting were centred on the entrepreneurial experience in the Caribbean and strengthening entrepreneurship in the Caribbean.

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