EPPS Wins Over VOJN in A Thriller

Sports Page—Wednesday 3rd July 2013–Persons who would have watched the West Indies win over India in Sunday’s nail biter in the ongoing —series, would have thought that such heart stuttering drama, was enough to last for an entire year. However, those persons watching the primary school league match on Tuesday were forced to take another dose of drama.

The VOJN School faced off on home turf versus the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School (EPPS) and what a game it was!

VOJN batted first and chalked up an impressive 64 in their allotted 10 overs. EPPS in response got to the point where they needed all of nine runs from the final over and then one run from the final delivery…….and they got a two, to take them safely across the line in the tense finish. EPPS 66 for 6 from their 10 overs.

In another game played at the revived Ramsbury grounds, Charlestown Primary batted first and scored 66 in their allotted 10 overs and then bowled out the Ivor Walters for just 35.

Clinton Swanston was especially elated as he watched his son clean bowl one of the IWPS players behind his back with a leg spinner .

‘Whenever the Swanstons bowl, they get wickets,’ he said.

There are no matches scheduled for today Wednesday 3rd July.

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