Exciting Additions In For Culturama Races

[Sports] July 23, 2013 — Mervin Bennett of the Nevis Drag Racing Unit is convinced that the Culturama Drag Racing event scheduled for Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August, is going to be one of the best meets yet

He spoke while looking adoringly at three vehicles which were shipped in on Sunday 21st July, out of St.Croix. The three vehicles will indeed be a major attraction at the upcoming event and Bennett has indicated that the three vehicles are really fast and ought to be a ‘must see’ when they hit the track at the St.James’ Race way.

The first one is a little; simple looking rotary powered car which is turbo charged and uses alcohol fuel. It goes by the name LIGHTENING and Bennett is convinced that it will live up to its name, as it recently ran 5.80 to the 8th mile in a meet in St. Croix. He described it as ‘simple but effective.’

The second vehicle is known as SHREK. It’s a Chevy pickup which recently ran 6.0 in the meet held in St. Croix.

It’s something the kids should come out and see. It looks good and works good,’ said Bennett.

The third vehicle is BAMBI. A vehicle that was involved in the opening races of the Drag Race Track when it was opened in 2007. It is a 1979 Toyota Corolla.

It operates on gasoline and nitroxide and recently clocked 5.7 to the 8th mile in the St.Croix meet, one month ago.

Bennett is urging race car fans and sports lovers in general to come on out and witness the very exciting races for the Culturama event.

Some of the match ups will be:

Lightening versus King of Calle

Sherlock versus a power house coming out of St.Croix.

It’s a much anticipated match up as they are two of the fastest cars in the English speaking Caribbean.

In addition to the races, there will be a live band; a popular DJ; food and beverages in galore.

The admission is $10.00 for Saturday 3rd and $20.00 for Sunday 4th August.

It promises to be a memorable event.

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