Expert software company brought on board to eradicate laptop thefts

ZIZ NEWS…19 May 2010 – The number of laptop thefts that have been experienced by students studying in the Federation has led to strong action being taken by the Federation’s universities and the St Kitts and Nevis Police Force.

A specialised software company, Absolute Software, and its parent company Lojack have been brought on board by Ross University and the Federation’s police force to provide expert software which deals with the identification of stolen computers.

Speaking at today’s press conference which was held at the Ross University campus in West Farm, Daniel Vitalio Junior, Vice-President of Facilities of the International University of Nurses and the University of Medical and Health Sciences, spoke of the offences that are being carried out against the Federation’s students.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Liburd spoke of how the local police force is pleased to be working together with Ross University and Lojack in dealing with this increasing crime.

Law Enforcement Officer of Lojack is Michael Marquez. Mr Marquez says his company is pleased to be offering their assistance to the Federation in providing the software required to crack this sort of crime.

It is hoped this collaborative approach will play a major role in eliminating the number of computer thefts that is being experienced and by bringing in expert advice shows that a no-tolerance approach is being taken by Ross University and the Federation’s police force.

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