F.I.M.’s Bargain Sale Fund Raiser Slated For Saturday

SybilWelsh-1(ZIZ News)– A fund raising activity that was scheduled for Financial Information Month 2014 will now be held on Saturday [November 15] in Basseterre.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s [ECCB] Sybil Welsh is encouraging the general public to support the Bargain Sale Fundraiser, stating it will benefit micro businesses on St. Kitts.

“Saturday, November 15th we are really inviting the public to come out. We’re going to be at West Independence Square, across from the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank. We’ll be there selling, not just clothing but also household items and persons would be able, not just to get something of value, but to contribute to the cause. We’ll be there from 5:30 to 11:00 in the morning this Saturday November 15th and we will have values for sale; something that is valuable that each person can say listen, I came, I bought something and not only did I get something but I gave in getting and so they will be part of that support system for our micro businesses,” she explained.

During an interview with ZIZ News on Thursday, Welsh gave an overview of the upcoming fundraiser. She said it is geared at generating funds to support businesses.

“The Bargain Fundraiser is being put on by the financial partners who were the organisers for Financial Information Month and what we’re looking at is really to provide the public with an avenue to purchase household items and clothing which are new or gently used and that has value. And those funds that we raise from that Bargain Fundraiser will be used to purchase equipment for micro businesses that would really put them on a stronger footing to soar to succeed and that is really what the fundraiser is about. It’s providing an innovative opportunity to raise funds in a non-traditional way and then use those funds in a manner that would benefit our micro and small businesses through the provision of equipment grants.”

A similar event was held during last year’s Financial Information Month celebration. Welsh shared the outcome of that activity.

“Last year, we had the first pilot event and that went very well. We were able to raise sufficient cash to finance three micro businesses and these were H and H Auto, Arnold’s Woodwork and we had Delightfully Sweet and we were able to provide them with equipment that we identified as the equipment they wanted to advance their business so what they would do, all businesses submitted an application form. We were able to select the top three and to purchase the materials, the equipment that they identified and we have followed these businesses a year later and recognised that they are using the equipment and it has positioned their business on a stronger footing.”

Sybil Welsh is ECCB’s Adviser in the Corporate Relations Department. She is also a member of the Financial Information Month Organising Committee.

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