Family of Flamboyant Nursing Home resident pleased with quality care

(L-R) Daughters Mrs. Helen Webbe and Mrs. Esther Sutton and their father Mr. Arnold Chiverton (middle) a 98 year old resident of the Flamboyant Nursing Home

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (NOVEMBER 02, 2012) — At least three members of a resident at the Flamboyant Nursing Home publicly expressed satisfaction with the level of care delivered by the Management and staff of that facility.

The family of Mr. Arnold Chiverton of Beach Road were at the time celebrating the 98th birthday of their father/grandfather at the facility on October 31, 2012.

“My name is Helen, a daughter and I live in England. A lot of us live abroad and on behalf of the family, I wish to say Happy Birthday to my father and I am quite pleased where he is now.

“I am quite pleased with the Home, the Home is quite nice, I am happy to see the Home I am very happy. In my heart I will feel more comfortable to know where he is and I know he is getting good care, so I will go back with that feeling thank you very much,” she said.

Granddaughter of Flamboyant Nursing Home resident 98 year old Mr. Arnold Chiverton, Ms. Hazel Chiverton pleased with the quality of his care

Her sister Mrs. Esther Sutton who resides in St. Thomas said she visited her father every year for his birthday and also registered her gratefulness to the Home.

“Thank God for the Flamboyant Home. I am pleased to see how he is taken care of. Whenever I come to visit he is clean and nice and everything is nice and I thank God for you. God bless everybody and thank God,” she said.

Granddaughter Hazel who resides on Nevis was also in agreement with her aunts regarding the quality of service delivered at the Home.

“I am very pleased with the staff here at the Flamboyant Nursing Home. They have been doing a wonderful job, I am very, very impressed because sometimes you would hear different stories on the street but I have proven for myself that they are very clean, they are very efficient, they are very organised and they work very hard to assist the residents here and I have never been disappointed so far. So to the staff and management just continue doing the good works,” she said.

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