Farmers informed about Relevant Laws

The Ministry of Agriculture has been strengthening the legal knowledge base of the Federation’s small farmers in a series of important meetings this week.

In a three part forum dubbed “Agriculture and the Law,” authorities in the agricultural sector will promote discussions on the recently enacted Animals (National and International Movement and Prescribed Diseases Prevention) Act, and the Agricultural Produce and Livestock (Registration of Vendors) Act, 2012.

Assistant Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Shez Dore-Tyson said the main purpose of this series of meetings is to empower farmers.

“The main purpose of this series of meetings is to ensure that farmers are empowered; they know the law; they know what their rights are; they know where to go if they are having a problem. So the Ministry has undertaken a series of meetings to ensure all farmers in all areas of the island are aware of their rights in regards to these two pieces of legislation.”

Experts from The Ministry of Agriculture as well as the legal fraternity are slated to be on hand to guide the discussions.

The final meeting was Thursday May 17, at the Cayon Community Center.

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