Federation to Launch International Alcohol Control Policy Evaluation Study

(ZIZ)– Interviewers for the International Alcohol Control Policy Evaluation Study will receive the tools necessary to equip them to gather data for the study.

The three-day workshop is currently underway and will continue until the 18th of June at the NEMA Conference Room.

The workshop will feature facilitators from New Zealand and from Peru.

Dr. Sharon Halliday, Principal Investigator for the study, said the data gathered would inform policy decisions.

“By the end of this project we hope that we will be able to give the policy makers invaluable information that will ensure policy decisions that will protect vulnerable groups including children and adolescent and the mentally ill and geriatrics in our society,” she noted.

Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Her Excellency Ambassador Astona Browne, spoke of the government’s commitment and support towards the study.

Ambassador Browne encouraged the trainees to work keenly to gather accurate data for the study.

She said, “Empirical data is key to the responsible formulation and implementation of policy. The data that you collect will represent the crucial underpinning of the country’s alcohol policy. I therefore impress upon the trainees the importance of clear fidelity to the techniques and approaches that will be outlined to you in the days ahead because policy decisions can only be as good as the quality of data of which they are based.”

St. Kitts and Nevis is one of eleven countries in the world to launch this study and the only Caribbean country to do so.

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