Federations Cyclists Off to Training Camps

Reggie Douglas and James Weekes

ZIZ News…April 11, 2010 – Easter has proved to be a busy week for some of the Cycling Federations top athletes, as current junior champion Assim Chapman has headed off to Anguilla to train with the youth cycling squad, who were on Nevis recently for the ‘Major’ Taylor race weekend. This is Assims first opportunity to train abroad with other athletes of his calibre, and his trainer and mentor Reggie Douglas is hopeful that this type of exposure will be of great benefit as his talents develop.

Reggie Douglas meanwhile is joined by James Weekes on their own training adventure; they left for Tucson, Arizona for a two week training program with Carmichael Training Systems (CTS). Founder Chris Carmichael is the coach that took Lance Armstrong to 7 Tour De France wins, and now runs one of the most prestigious cycle & triathlon training programs in the world.

This has been made possible due to the sponsorship of a couple who have been visiting Nevis for the last 7 years, Graham and Mary Hallward, Graham is a very keen cyclist himself and has got to know Reggie and the team over the years and follows their weekly exploits via the clubs website www.neviscycleclub.com.

Asim Chapman

Following the success of the troupes visit to the World Championships in 2009 Graham and Mary approached Winston Crooke and offered to sponsor the trip to Tucson which includes 6 months online coaching and various tests, plus 2 Power Tap wheels and monitors which enable their coach to assess their development using the latest online technology.

The other bonus is that they will be hosted by fellow team member and SKN pro cyclist Kathryn Bertine, who lives and trains in Tucson, so the guys will be right at home, in fact they will be joining Kathryn in a race on 10/11th April, the Colossal Cave Stage Race: http://presteza.homestead.com/CCRR.html. The presidents of both Cycling and Triathlon Federations Greg Phillip and Winston Crooke, are very pleased with this opportunity, they see it as a chance to learn new training methods and techniques that can be passed onto the younger cyclists. At the same time Reggie and James will get the benefit of the best coaching available as they prepare for the season ahead.

We express our sincere gratitude to Graham and Mary Hallward for this fabulous show of support, also to the co-sponsors Digicel and the Nevis Island Administration.

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