Feedback on Police Town Hall Meetings

Police PRO

ZIZ Newsroom, Basseterre, February 8 2012: The police have said their recent initiative to hold regular town hall meetings has been effective.

Speaking with ZIZ news, Police P.R.O., Sergeant Stephen Hector said the community residents have been very clear about what they want from the police.

“The people basically want to see a police force which is more professional,” he said. “I think they have expressed a number of congratulatory remarks to the modern management of the police force. The people have come forward to share information, to share their experiences of the past and also to give the relevant assistance in terms of crime fighting,” he added.

He says the meetings have also helped to improve the police’s public image.

“These meetings are helping the perception,” he said. “And I can make reference to that meeting that was held in district B in the Tabernacle area where Inspector Vaughn Henderson gave an address at that Town Hall meeting. And I think from all reports, the response has been tremendous on that matter, throughout the entire District B,” he added.

The next town hall meeting will be on Thursday at 7pm at the Tucker Clarke Primary School in Newtown.

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