Fighting for consumer rights

Bank Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts

ZIZ News…March 14, 2013 — As Consumers’ Rights Awareness Week continues the Department of Consumer Affairs has pledged its commitment to fight for shoppers’ rights.

Acting Director Paul Queeley says the department has always been working behind the scene to make sure that businesses provide shoppers with the best possible product.

He says the power lies with the consumer so businesses must treat them with respect. According to Queely, “if you feel you’re getting a bad deal here, you go to another one, the other one that you moved from would pull up their socks.”

He says they regularly check supermarkets for expired goods to make sure that everyone can shop without worry. He says consumers are supposed to shop in a safe environment and get value for their money. They’re supposed to get good quality products.

He says the Hon Richard Skerritt has pledged to make consumer protection a top priority and the department fully supports him.

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