Film Director Lewis Confident About Creatives In Filming


Local award-winning director, Nigel Lewis, also known as Tru Capo, is confident about the abilities of creatives in the film industry in St. Kitts and Nevis, having signed a three-picture deal with Duende Media.

His statements come as his most recent project – A Rose Between Thorns – was accepted by Novus Distribution for worldwide distribution; the first film shot and produced locally to achieve such a feat.

Having made our name in sports and recently in music, film is the next step for the country Director Lewis says.

A Rose Between Thorns also premiered in many film festivals. Lewis details the awards and recognitions given to the film.

What’s next for Tru Capo? He tells us about one film that’s already begun production but is tight-lipped about it.

Local award-winning film director Nigel Lewis, also known as Tru Capo, speaking about his achievement of A Rose Between Thorns’ receiving worldwide distribution.

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