Final Four determined in local league

The Beyond Homes All Stars team would have breathed a huge sigh of relief as they watched the Brand SLYBO Stoney Grove Strikers totally dominate The NEC Villa Int team on Tuesday night.

A lot was resting on that game as an upset win by the Villa team could have spelt problems for the All Stars chances of getting into the final four.

The Stoney Grove team which one All Star player described as ‘unpredictable,’ was on top of their game from start to finish, only leaking one goal in the process while scoring 5 in return.

The star player on the night was Delvon Clarke who not only offered a pair of fresh legs to the team’s efforts but a burst of new energy and the Stoney Grove team would be happy to have him at the top as they prepare for the final four matches.

Summary of the game played on Tuesday 28th January:

SSG Strikers 5 – 1 Villa International United

Delvon Clarke 3

Dion Thompson 1

Jordon Ward 1


Kishanda Wallace 1

The first scheduled match of the evening was not played as the Hardtimes team gifted some free points to the CCC Bath United team, by not showing up.

Here are the overall point standings after the preliminary games:

Point Standings

SL Horsfords Highlights—34

CCC Bath United–28

Brand SLYBO Stoney Grove Strikers–25

Beyond Homes All Stars–17

NEC Villa Int—15

Brantley Bronx United—13


A&M Stones United–0

The big four teams for the upcoming final four matches are: therefore: SL Horsfords Highlights; CCC Bath United; Brand SLYBO Stoney Grove Strikers and Beyond Homes All Stars

The final four semi final encounters will commence this coming weekend with one match on Saturday and the other on Sunday.


Top goal scorers

Alfred AKBO Taylor—Bath –17

Errol MARLEY Newton-Stoney Grove—12


Dale Farrell –Bath—12

Adrian Williams—Highlights—10

Aljay ETO Newton—9

Shaheed SIZZLA Tyson-9Sean Hanley-Hardtimes—9

Naeem Liburd—SSG—9

Deon SKETTY Thompson- SSG-9

Carlos SOAP Chapman-SSG-8

Delroy DEL Newton-SSG-8

Kirtland KIRKY Harris-Highlights-6

Kito Chapman—All Stars-6

Here is the schedule of matches in the grand final four series of matches:

Saturday 1st Feb. at 7 pm— All Stars v Highlights

Sunday 2nd Feb at 7 pm—CCC Bath United v SSG Strikers

Tuesday 4th Feb at 6 pm—CCC Bath United v All Stars

8pm—SLH Highlights v SSG Strikers

Saturday 8th Feb at 6 pm—1st Division 1 v 1st division 2

8 pm—Premier 1 v Premier 2

Sunday 9th Feb at 6 pm—SLH Highlights v CCC Bath United

8 pm—SSG Strikers v All Stars

Tuesday 11th Feb at 6 pm—F3 v F4

8 pm—F1 v F2

Sunday 16th Feb at 6 pm—F3 v F4

8 pm—F1 v F2

Saturday 22nd Feb—at 7 pm—Game three if necessary

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