Fire and rescue Services commended for saving a trapped animal

ZIZ News – April 6, 2010…The St.Kitts Nevis Fire and Rescue Services has been commended for their efforts in saving an animal from apparent death.

This took place on Monday morning when they were called into action from a person who was taking a walk with other members of her family on the peninsular road..

According to Mrs. Liburd Willet they heard a wailing sound coming from the hills above and when they looked up they say a kiddy trapped on the side of the hill. She then made the call an a few minutes later Officer Dore was on the scene and after assessing the situation called for the truck

In a letter sent to the media she said within a short time a fire truck was on the scene and the officers did not hesitate to swing into action to rescue the frightened, exhausted animal.

After the heroic rescue the officers found a Sunny Delight bottle which just happened to be right there on the scene, cut it open and proceeded to give the thirsty animal a drink. One of the officers called the owner and he came and collected the animal. She highly commended the fire officers and their superiors for such a remarkable job on a lovely Easter Monday.

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