Fire-Fighter arrested for Importing Cocaine

Mervin Matthew
Mervin Matthew

(ZIZ News) — Following the arrest of a police officer for smuggling marijuana a few months ago, the police force is reporting the arrest of a fire-fighter for importing cocaine.

An intelligence-led joint operation between Customs Enforcement and the Police Drug Squad at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport, on Friday, led to the arrest of Mervin Matthew of Hibiscus Road, Greenlands.

Matthew was formally arrested and charged for the offences of possession of cocaine, possession with intent to supply, and importation of cocaine.

As quoted in a release, the Customs and Excise Enforcement Department charged Matthew for the offences of possession of a quantity of goods to wit: cocaine, signing a declaration untrue, and making a statement to a customs officer that is untrue.

CGWalwyn-7In light of recent events, Commissioner of Police, Dr. Celvin Walwyn said that police recruitment will now include polygraph tests.

“One of the things we have done now within the police force, we just had four of our officers trained as polygraph examiners and polygraphs would be used as a part of the recruitment process going forward. We do whatever we can to ensure that when a person becomes a police officer they are above the fray but at the end of the day, we cannot dictate how that person is going to act, that’s a choice that they have to make, but if they make the wrong choice we are here to ensure that they are either prosecuted or terminated from the force,” Dr. Walwyn said.

Meanwhile, the police have a suspect in custody for the murder of Devon Ryan.

“We’ve had incidents that happen at the Ferry Terminal. We had a young man that lost his life; this didn’t happen in the Carnival, however, I’m happy to say we have caught the person who has done the shooting. We’ve had a few other incidents and we are investigating those right now. We have suspects and we are investigating those right now,” the Commissioner stated.

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