First Caribbean MOAS sets stage to enlighten youth

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS): Plans are well underway for the first ever Model Organization of American States (MOAS) General Assembly in the English speaking Caribbean to be hosted in St. Kitts and Nevis.

In an exclusive interview with SKNIS, MOAS Coordinator at the Office of the Assistant Secretary General in the Organization of American States (OAS) Nelly Robinson outlined what should be expected.

“The MOAS is a simulation exercise of the main political bodies of the OAS,” Miss Robinson explained. “These bodies are the General Assembly that meets once a year and the Permanent Council. During the MOAS, students simulate the diplomatic representatives and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that participates in these two bodies of the OAS and they debate topics relevant to the hemisphere.”

“The MOAS programme is specifically directed to the youth of the Hemisphere and its main purpose is to promote democratic values and disseminate the work of the OAS.”

Ms. Robinson pointed out why it was important for her to oversee the preliminary arrangements in the Federation, noting that this is a critical task.

“It is not a simple enterprise, it is like taking the OAS, putting it altogether and organizing the political bodies that the OAS does in three days,” Ms. Robinson said. “There are a lot of details, not only logistical, but also administrative that needs to be organized. Training and preparation of students as well as procuring enough volunteers to support and assist in this event is vital.”

The MOAS Cordinator mentioned that the team in St. Kitts and Nevis overseeing the preparations is very enthusiastic about this event and they are working feverishly to get things done.

“We are all very excited. I see that it is a great team,” the MOAS Coordinator stressed. “I expect we are going to be working well, as they already know the basis of what they are supposed to do.”

The incoming OAS Representative to St. Kitts and Nevis Terrence Craig shared his thoughts in being a part of this team, as this would be his very first time witnessing a MOAS simulation.

“I am excited to work very closely with Nelly Robinson and the team on this MOAS,” Mr. Craig said. “As the OAS representative, my role is to work alongside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stakeholders and colleagues to make this a very successful MOAS.”

“It’s very important for me to try and get as many universities on board as possible, and hopefully have the second MOAS hosted at least in the Caribbean.

Mr. Craig said “the preparations are going very good and he is impressed with the dedication of the staff and stakeholders here on the ground.”

Apart from the MOAS that is held in Washington D.C in the United States yearly, this would be the first time the MOAS is being conducted in English, as all the others were done in Spanish.

Past University MOAS simulations were held in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Columbia.

This event is schedule to take place from October 22-24, 2014, at the St. Kitts Marriot Resort. Topics to be discussed would be relevant to the Caribbean area.

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