First Responders Training Course

ZIZ News — The Regional Security System (RSS) Training Institute is this week hosting a training course for first responders on a crime scene.

The workshop began on Monday at the Police Training Complex.

The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with the skills necessary to protect at a crime scene and teach them to preserve, collect, and document evidence.

Officials from the Regional Security System Training Institute are here to conduct the courses.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Monday morning, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ian Queeley said this training is necessary as they cannot use yesterday’s skills to solve today’s crimes.

He said, “We can no longer rely on eyewitnesses to solve our crimes.  We have to incorporate the use of technology and forensics in order for us to get to the bottom of some of these very sophisticated crimes that are being committed.”

Director of Training at the RSS Training Institute, ACP Yvonne Alexander said this falls in line with the institutes plan to raise the standards of police forces across the region.

“The institute’s vision is to build a foundation of excellence through standardized training and our mission is to enable the continuous development of our law enforcement personnel through learning, professional conduct and standards,” she said.

The course is made up of theory and practical exercises and is funded by Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

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