Flemming Questions Condor’s Integrity

RoyFlemmingHeadshotA(ZIZ)– Leader of the National Integrity Party [NIP] Roy Flemming has questioned the integrity of the Honourable Sam Condor, who said recently, that he had addressed a number of issues with Lindsay Grant and as such, they have resolved their political differences.

However, Flemming, who is a former member of the People’s Action Movement [PAM], is appalled at Condor’s statement. He told Winn Fm’s Toni Frederick-Armstrong that the statement makes one question condor’s integrity.

“He can sit down now but he didn’t choose to sit down in 2010 before he made these statements. We do not have one position today and because it is politically expedient, tomorrow we change it…we cannot do that. We should be consistent in our position and if we take a position on a particular matter, that position should stand,” he stated.

Flemming then explained what he thought was one of the biggest problems facing the country’s politicians.

“There is something called political expediency. There’s also something called genuine concern. And we as a people in this country, we need to differentiate between the genuine and we also need to separate and distinguish that apart from the political expediency and a lot of people, a lot of politicians in this country, they tend to lean towards the side or towards the angle of political expediency.”

Flemming, like several other residents of St. Kitts, continue to question the stance of former Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable Sam Condor.

In 2010, after learning of a video that showed Lindsay Grant allegedly offering to sell large portions of Kittitian lands at incredibly reduced rates in exchange for assistance with his election campaign, Condor had choice words for the then PAM leader.

“Can we trust Lindsay Grant with our future? Can we trust PAM with our future? I submit to you that we cannot trust not one of them. Not one of them. We cannot trust them to take this country forward. Not Blanchette, not Flemming, not Welsh, not Shawn, not Hamilton. Not one of them.”

Condor, former Deputy Prime Minister of St. Kitts-Nevis, now member of the People’s Labour Party, People’s Action Movement and Concerned Citizens Movement coalition, Team Unity.

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