Flow Donates to SKN Athletes

(ZIZ News) — Flow St. Kitts Nevis continues on its quest to give back to the community as the company distributed gifts to athletes from nine schools in the Federation to congratulate them on their performance.

Consumer Sales Manager, Anthony Morton said it was important for flow to contribute to the sports as it helps the mental and physical development of the athletes.

“Sports is important because I think it teaches several disciplines in terms of teamwork, team spirit, camaraderie , discipline in terms of how to be there on time and good physical development of your body, mind and spirit”, Morton noted.

Morton said, the company understands that financial support is critical when working in the field of sports and added that it was an honour celebrating with the athletes.

“Flow is tremendously proud to be a part of this engagement for the sports season this year as we support the nine high schools throughout the Federation in this small token in way to make sure that everyone is entertained in a royal way. It’s easy to put out these athletes everyday but there’s cost and there’s also corporate support that I think is critical to develop our athletes of the future”, he added.

The athletes received monetary tokens along with Samsung Galaxy devices.

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