FND Manager Robbed

(ZIZ News) – The police are investigating Friday morning’s robbery at the FND Credit Union.

According to Police Public Relations Officer, Grell Browne, upon arrival at work, General Manager of the Credit Union, James Webbe, was attacked and robbed by an unknown assailant or assailants.

According to reports, the robber(s) made off with one of the company’s vehicles.

Speaking with ZIZ News, Webbe said the incident took place at about 7:40am “where a gunman actually entered our office and demanded money at gunpoint.”

“He couldn’t get any money because the vault was not open and I indicated that to him. There was a young chap that worked with me…a teller…he also demanded money from him and I also indicated to him that he couldn’t give him any money because the vault was not open. He took my cellphone initially, but he left it in the office afterwards. And he took the key for the office van and actually left in the office van,” Webbe explained.

There have been no reports of injury.

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