Football Notice (February 06, 2014)

This coming Saturday 8th February is going to be a big night at the ET Willet Park as two SKNFA fixtures will be played.

Game one will feature one First Division Game with our very own CCC Bath United coming up against Spurs from St.Kitts and then game two will be a  Premier League fixture with St. Pauls coming up against Village. First game kicks off at 5 PM

There is also the welcome treat of the Grand Masters also coming to the Park to spice things up.

Then on Sunday-9th February, the Final Four continues with SSG Strikers coming up against Beyond Homes Allstars at 6PM and then a big one with CCC Bath United locking horns with SL Horsfords Highlights at 8PM.

The general public is urged not to miss even one of the upcoming week end games.

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