Former Sugar Industry Workers Express Gratitude

(ZIZ News) – The most elderly of the former sugar industry workers to receive their gratuity cheques voiced their appreciation to Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris during Friday’s cheque distribution ceremony.

One after the other, the recipients accepted their gratuitous payments and rendered thanks.

Edmund Freeman, better known as John Paul, said he worked hard. He referenced an encounter with the country’s former Prime Minister and said he is grateful to finally be receiving what is rightfully his.

He said, “When he done sell all them equipment, he plan to sell me next. Some people say the money wasn’t to pay again because no more money was there but thanks to Mr. Harris and (Team) Unity why the cheque is here.”

He continued, “I work hard: I flit, I drop soda, I weed, I dig grass. I do everything in the sugar. Me and Hooligan. I go around the island working on the train and I go around the island spraying from Needsmust to St. Pauls.”

The eldest person to receive payment on that day was 93-year-old Mary Jeffers.

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