Foundation Laid For New Scoreboard At Warner Park

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 12th 2013 (SKNIS) — The foundation for a new 44×22 feet video scoreboard is being laid at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium signalling the start of an upgrade project designed to enhance the hosting capabilities and fan experience.

Senior Sports Officer Vernon Springer told SKNIS that several holes 15 feet deep have been dug and are being filled with concrete which estimates place at more than 100 yards in order to provide a solid base. He added that the mounting process is based on scientific methods.

“When [the manufacturers] were making this [scoreboard], they thought about St. Kitts and Nevis being [located] in a hurricane zone which [could] have winds up to 150 – 160 miles per hour,” Mr. Springer said.

This means that like similar devices around the world, the video scoreboard will be permanently mounted and will have the necessary protections in place to ensure it withstands natural elements.

The start of the project is somewhat delayed given challenges that arose as parts were being shipped from across the United States. However, crews have been busy making up for lost time. After the poles are filled, it will take just over three weeks for the concrete to set properly.

A schedule has been developed for a team of persons who will be trained in operating the software used to control the scoreboard as well as to maintain the hardware.

In the meantime, equipment for other aspects of the upgrade project including a generator, electrical transformer, covers for the mound and light poles have arrived or will be here soon. The pace of work is expected to pick up quite significantly after this month’s Independence celebrations.

“We are fast tracking everything,” Springer stressed.

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