Founder of MAY program wishes to help youth in Cayon community

(ZIZ News) — During the launch of the “Mentoring And Aspiring Youths” program (MAY), on Monday, Vice Chairman of the program, Jefferson “Copper-Head” Edwards who founded the program, said MAY can assist the entire community of Cayon.

“We in the Cayon community started a mentoring program targeting the Cayon Primary School. This program came about to assist the slower learners of the Cayon Primary School. We thought about this because we wanted to see how we could assist our community and see how well we can curb or cut back on criminal activities,” Edwards stated.

The goal of the mentorship program is to have formal weekly interactions between a mentor and mentee between the ages of 7 to 11 that will serve as an opportunity to guide and encourage the young persons.

The Executive body of “M.A.Y” consists of Chairman, Assistant Commissioner of Police Terrance James, Vice Chairman- Jefferson Edwards, Secretary Eshe Hendrickson, Treasurer Glen Daniel, P.R.O. Aidan Hendrickson and Asst. P.R.O., Olando Sutton.

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